Easy, Cost Effective, Secure - Pick 3
Bytebeam is an easy to integrate, secure, scalable and cost effective IoT platform that let's you manage over the air updates, data analytics, device to mobile communication and more.
What can you do with Bytebeam?
Device Registry
Over the air updates
Configuration Management
Device to mobile communication
Data Visualizations
Role Based access control
Why use Bytebeam?
Easy to integrate
We provide SDKs for a wide variety of devices. Get up and running in few hours
Secure by design
Data is encrypted at transit and at rest. Role based access control prevents unauthroized access. Audit logging to know who has accessed what
Scalable & Cost effective
We've got you covered whether it is a few 100 devices or millions of them
No two IoT projects are the same. Customize every component of Bytebeam to suit your needs
How do I use Bytebeam?
We are currently in a limited private beta. We would love to understand your use cases. Please leave your details below and we will get back to you!