Simplifying connectivity
for new age vehicles

Bytebeam is the one-stop solution for your connected vehicles. Its seamless integration boosts your vehicle capabilities with comprehensive health monitoring, over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and driver monitoring. With Bytebeam, you can expedite your go-to-market process, elevate the driving experience, and establish industry leadership.

We Collaborate with Industry Leaders

One stop solution to handle all modern vehicle use cases

Fleet Management
Charging Infra
Vehicle Health
Predictive Maintenance
Battery Monitoring
Driver Monitoring
Arun Vinayak
Exponent Energy

Bytebeam handles 1M data points per device per hour for Exponent Energy

Bytebeam’s secure data monitoring and streaming services help Exponent evaluate battery conditions to effectively implement battery improvement initiatives

"Thanks to Bytebeam, we focus on core product development now and not worry about building a data engineering team"

Kislay Pankaj
Numeros Motors

Numeros saves 80% on data transmission and cellular costs with Bytebeam

Bytebeam transformed Numeros's fleet monitoring and data management, ensuring smooth data transmission even over 2G networks. Bytebeam seamlessly unifies diverse product lines with varying connectivity features into one cohesive platform.

"Bytebeam simplifies device management by bringing multiple product lines with varying connectivity modules and requirements onto one platform"

Bytebeam Mobility Platform

Bytebeam's mobility platform is a comprehensive full-stack solution designed specifically for global automotive OEMs. Our platform excels in managing software-defined vehicles, offering unmatched scalability and real-time capabilities. Whether you need a robust data platform or seamless OTA updates, Bytebeam provides the expertise to elevate your vehicle technology.

Deep OTA Management
Data Analytics & Visualisation
Remote Diagnostics
Configuration Management

Reliable Vehicle Health Monitoring

Track your vehicle performance every minute
  • 200+ Vehicle Parameters
  • Fleet dashboards
  • Theft Alerts
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Accident detection
  • Battery Monitoring
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Hassle free Over the Air Updates

Optimise your product performance with one-click, OTA updates
  • Configure devices
  • Conditional Updates
  • Send A/B updates
  • Audit Trail & Traceability
  • One step roll backs
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Troubleshoot Issues Faster Than Ever

Error analysis to remotely debug customer issues in no time
  • Failure logs
  • Remote login to devices
  • Firmware updates
  • Heap Dumps
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Accurate Actionable Insights

Maximize your ROI with effective data analytics and visualization
  • Self serve dashboards
  • Streaming analytics
  • Integration with 3rd party AI/ML & data analytics tools
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Faster Go-To-Market at a Marginal Cost

Bytebeam Advanced Telematics

Bytebeam advanced telematics devices are engineered to redefine connectivity and data management in the automotive sector. This robust plug-and-play device is equipped with state-of-the-art GNSS, 4G, and Bluetooth technologies, ensuring seamless communication and precise location tracking.

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Effortlessly Connect and Manage your Smart Devices with Bytebeam