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Securely Upgrade Your Internet Devices With Over The Air (OTA) Updates

Keep Your Devices and Customers Happy with Efficient and Frequent IoT Updates
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Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are the ultimate solution for remotely accessing and updating IoT devices. OTA updates help improve software stability, enhance hardware performance, protect against cyber threats and facilitate business growth.

With Bytebeam’s OTA feature, you can target specific devices or groups of devices for updates, and monitor the update process in real time.

Choose OTA updates to fast-track time to market, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce the costs of regular field visits. Contact us to learn more!

Streamline Your Device Updating with OTA: Wireless and Hassle-Free

Metadata Based Targeting

Easily target specific devices or groups of devices for updates based on device metadata such as model, year, location, etc.

Automatic Retries

Automatically retry updating in case of failure and eliminate the need for manual intervention

Configuration & Calibration Updates

Remotely update software and make changes to device configurations without the need for physical access.

Audit Trail & Analytics

Stream data live or download detailed logs and analytics from every device based on defined conditions.

Optimise Device Performance At The Comfort Of Your Home With Bytebeam

Fine-grained Progress Monitoring

Know exactly where each device is in the update process, and troubleshoot issues quickly

Fail-safe OTA updates

Never worry about the device being bricked, guaranteed safe and successful updates every time

Hassle-free Scalability

Quickly scale to millions of devices without the need for separate configurations, saving you time and money

Inexhaustible Updates

Provide your customers with the latest features and security patches, without any limitations

Here is the case study from our client

Bytebeam’s secure data monitoring and streaming services help Exponent evaluate battery conditions.


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Data points something


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