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Bytebeam Auto Solution

Eliminate vehicle recalls

Configurable CAN data parsing

Complete data platform with visualisation

Realtime location tracking

A screen showing the cloud application

Monitor Vehicle Health

Diagnose any ECU

Life-Cycle OTA & configuration updates

Fleet Dashboards

Kislay Pankaj Ex-CTO
Numeros Motors

Bytebeam transformed Numeros's fleet monitoring and data management, ensuring smooth data transmission even over 2G networks. Bytebeam seamlessly unifies diverse product lines with varying connectivity features into one cohesive platform making our lives easier.

"Bytebeam simplifies device management by bringing multiple product lines with varying connectivity modules and requirements onto one platform"

Numeros saves 80% on data transmission and cellular costs with Bytebeam

Faster Go to Market at a Marginal Cost

Fleet Tracking and Analytics

  • Real Time Location tracking
  • Fuel Consumption and theft Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Route Planning & management
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Streamline Data flow across
entire system

Collect Data from all the resources even at low latency conditions with ZERO DATA LOSS

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Electric Steering System

Electronic Parking Brake

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Anti lock Braking System

Transmission Control System

Airbag Control System

Engine Management System

Actionable Maintenance Alert

RealTime Vehicle Health Diagnostics

  • Vehicle health dashboards
  • Precise and real Time fault detection with Alerts.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Service Reminders
  • System-wide Monitoring: Diagnose engine, transmission, electrical, battery, exhaust, etc
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Component-level Monitoring

  • Configurable BMS parameters
  • Alerts
  • Degradation Analysis
  • SOC
  • SOH
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Diagnose ADAS, BMS and 100+ controllers

Crash reporting

Uptime Tracking

Remote terminal login


Configurable firmware

Remotely debug and fix issues

  • Receive informative logs from every source
  • Create and deploy log configurations with user-defined rules based on any condition/s from cloud or using our APIs
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Upgrade your vehicles with OTA/ FOTA

  • Reliable and Secure whole life-cycle over-the-air updates
  • Eliminate vehicle recalls, warranty costs and downtime issues.
  • Integrated software configuration management.
  • Faster prototyping and software integrations.
  • Modify Frequency Settings.  
  • Send Configuration updates, A/B updates, and Conditional Updates
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Driver Behaviour and Management

  • Customised Mobile Apps
  • Idling Alerts
  • Over speeding
  • Quick Acceleration or Harsh braking



Multiple TCU integrations
Hardware agnostic
Backend platform integrations


Role based privacy management
Fine grained access control


Device encryption
Cloud encryption
TLS 1.2


Modular Platform
Define storage limits
Direct Query Access for
Data Scientists


Auto provisioning
Auto update new devices
Manage multiple versions of product & firmware

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