Powering high performing and reliable batteries

data driven battery behaviour, heath and life-cycle management on cloud

Battery data platform that makes you market ready in 3 days

Collect data from all resources even at low frequency with negligible data loss while providing batteries as a service with full control and transparency.

Custom Alerts and Anomaly detection

Exponent charges EV batteries from 0-100% in 15 minutes

Bytebeam’s secure data monitoring and streaming services help Exponent evaluate battery conditions to effectively implement battery improvement initiatives
Arun Vinayak
Exponent Energy
"Thanks to Bytebeam, we focus on core product development now and not worry about building a data engineering team"
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Battery Health Dashboard

Avoid breakdowns and maintain 100% uptime Identifying underperforming batteries with faster analysis.

Configure Live Battery Settings
Change BMS parameters like temperature, frequency with single commands
Battery Inventory
Easily manage, configure and filter using specifications, manifesting dates, and current locations and many more.
See Device Management
Analyze how battery’s capacity changes with usage over time
Predictive Analysis for longer service life with battery life-cycle data
Increase Battery Life-Cycle
with one-click OTA firmware updates and battery software updates
See OTA Updates
Warranty Management
No premature aging
Use warranty claims
Device encryption
Cloud encryption
TLS 1.2
Data Export
via APIs
Data Sharing
Role-based access control
Super Charge your Batteries with Data
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